Make Easy Knots with the EasyKnotter® Tool

Invented by Maureen “Reenie” Oliveto, the EasyKnotter® tool was created to help beaders make perfect knots in their beaded jewelry designs. Whether you plan to stagger knotted sections throughout your jewelry piece or want knots to sit closely next to beads, this easy-to-use tool allows you to make evenly-spaced, clean knots wherever you want. Learning how to use this fantastic tool is easy too and we’re here to show you how. Let’s get started!




How to Use Silk Cord in Jewelry Making

Silk cord has been used as a stringing material in jewelry-making for centuries. No other beading cord offers the softness that natural silk provides. Jewelry designs made with 100% silk bead cord drape beautifully and the cord itself can become a feature with knotting techniques. Whether you’re looking to create a simple strand of beads or incorporate knotted bead clusters into your designs, is here to show you how easy and versatile this timeless stringing material can be.