| Blog: How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry

How to Use Silk Ribbon in Jewelry

To encompass the trend of boho, we have pulled our wonderful stock of silk ribbon and ribbon mixes to show you how to use silk ribbon in jewelry. We will show you how to make an easy wrap memory wire bracelet with silk ribbon and silk ribbon tassel earrings. Plus, a seaside-inspired ribbon necklace designed by Kristal Wick.




How to Use Ricks Bead Loom, PLUS Two Ways to Clasp Loom Bracelets

From traditional Native American Indian-loomed wampum belts to popular and modern Julie Rofman wrap bracelets, bead looming has transcended through changes in time, culture and fashion.  A bead loom can help you make elaborate, beautiful necklaces to simplistic bracelets.

If you are new to using the bead loom or have been wanting to use a bead loom, believe us when we say that using the Ricks Bead Loom is super easy and simple. Here are some tips and tricks to using Ricks Bead Loom, as well as some inspirational loom bracelets to get you started. We also provide two different ways to clasp loom bracelets.