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Using Cold Connection in Jewelry: How to Rivet

Cold connection is a unique metal technique that connects metal components without the use of heat. While you can connect metal pieces by glue or other adhesive, we will demonstrate some basic steps on how to use rivets.

You will find many cold connection and riveting techniques in steampunk jewelry and metalworking. Once you have the basic tools and components for metal working and rivets, you will find how easy this versatile skill can be used for jewelry making.
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Resolution Bracelet – Metal Stamping

As the clock starts ticking down the hours, minutes and seconds to finish off 2015 and chime into 2016, did you make any last minute New Year’s resolution? Making New Year’s resolutions are easy but the hardest part is the commitment. Resolution bracelets are the perfect accessory companions to help you stick to your 2016 plans. Here are some inspiring resolution bracelets that we’ve made showcasing metal stamping. Check out our previous blog post on how to get started with metal stamping, to learn how to make this popular personalized jewelry.

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New Year’s Eve Swarovski® Earrings, PLUS How to Wire Wrap Briolette Beads

Who doesn’t love ringing in the New Year? You may find yourself at a rooftop party, celebrating New Year’s Eve with cheerful faces, sparkling fireworks, glittering streamers, plastic party hats, bubbly beverages, and midnight kisses! Whether you are dancing the night away or making a toast, we have the perfect earrings, made with Swarovski® crystals, to help ring in the New Year! PLUS, learn how to wire wrap Briolette Beads!